Friday, August 20, 2010

Wedding Dress

Even though we have been engaged since April 4, 2010, I thought I would begin sharing the creative process from this point forward.

This past week has been very exciting. I just found out that Dawson is returning from Detroit 1 week from today.

Yesterday, I bought my wedding dress!! I just love it. I won't reveal too much incase Dawson reads these, but I can say that it is simple, delicate and beautiful. I have gone back to the store 5 times now and keep coming back to "the dress" and it hit me yesterday that it is the one.

We ALSO got our tickets for our honeymoon to Paris! So, we have a lot to be excited about right now!!

I decided to create this blog because I really love art and design, so the creative process of the wedding planning is especially fun for me. I would like to share images, stores, displays, fabrics and paintings that inspire me along the way.